Dive into Digital Marketing



NOV 22, 4-6PM (SGT)

PART I. 4-4.45PM


Learn how to leverage social media to boost your business through this talk, which focuses on digital marketing strategies!

Jackson Kwa Jian Hui

TechSociety Group – Tech Education – Co-founder and Managing Partner

Jackson is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TechSociety Group, a regional entity that leverages technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions to modern problems.

Having worked for the Alibaba group (a tech giant), Jackson understands exactly what businesses need to boost their outreach in this highly competitive age.

Jackson also provides tech education for youth as part of his CSR.

"Starting an education company allows me to make a lasting positive impact in the long run. Especially with technology as an enabler to amplify that impact. The bigger achievement in life would be to have the ability to create opportunities for others."



PART II. 4.45-5.30PM


Hear from our four passionate panelists who have a range of experiences and expertise in the field. Learn about their journeys, the exciting projects they've done, and the challenges they faced.

Disclaimer: Panelists are not representing their companies, just sharing their personal experiences.

Lv Liran

Heroes of Digital

Client Success Executive, Full-time

Learn about Liz >

Ling Xin Tai

OOm Pte Ltd

Paid Performance Strategist, Full-time

Learn about Ling Xin >

Varenya Kumaran

L'Oreal, Unilever and Nestle

Marketing Intern

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Nicole Ng Yu Wen


Global Advertising Performance Intern

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PART III. 5.30-6PM

q&a session

Curious about how to break into the industry? Or need some practical tips to boost your business's digital presence? Our speakers are here to answer your burning questions!

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