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Sexual Violence in Singapore: A Crisis


A project in collaboration with Kontinentalist

Sexual assault cases trickle into Singapore’s headlines each day. But under-reporting means many, many more cases never see the light of day. Kontinentalist worked with Women Unbounded to learn more about sexual violence in Singapore—and what needs to change.

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By The Women Unbounded Research Team, in collaboration

with Kontinentalist (Mick Yang).

Women Unbounded, Research:

Abigail Goh, Writer/Editor (@abbythewhale)

Angèle Griffin, Data (@grvffn)

Anna Mohan, Writer/Editor (@Anna | Leadershipna)

Harvinder Kaur, Lead Researcher (@Harv | Research Associate_in)

Judith Ann Kumar, Lead Researcher (@nvwju)

Nisha Rajoo, Data and Methodology (@gowhereyoubloom)

Rachel Kuo, Data (@therachkuo)

Reema Dudekula, Data

Sofia Lankinen, Data (@its_sofs)

Women Unbounded, Creatives:

Michelle Wibowo (@michellewibowoo)

Rachel Lum (@rashgalrara)

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