Mission & Values

Women Unbounded is a volunteer-based community headquartered in Singapore, working for women's empowerment through connections, mutual aid, and ideas. WU is proudly feminist; our approach to feminist activism is grounded in our beliefs in fairness, respect, and empiricism, and our commitment to intersectional feminism. One step at a time, we work to break down psychological, intellectual, socio-cultural, and economic barriers to gender equality.

Our mission.

Our organisation proposes for femininity to be predicated on the foundations of community and camaraderie.


We seek to facilitate and nurture friendships and mentorships between women, create a collective consciousness of the intersectional identities that women wear, and celebrate the uniqueness of each woman’s experience.


We're taking steps to build a world where gender is not only irrelevant to each individual's self-worth and societal value, but also a facet of their identities they need not erase or validate.

Our values.


We believe in an innate gender equality of intellect. We advocate for equal opportunity, equal access and equal treatment.


We acknowledge the autonomy of all individuals. We adopt an approach of mutual respect and sensitivity.


We believe that science and reason is the best way to know the world. We emphasise systematic research, fact-checking and balanced dialogues.


"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women."