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Find courses on a range of topics, with flexible timings and dedicated teachers.

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Computer Skills

Programming Console
Businesswoman at Home
Working Alone in the Office
Woman on her Tablet

Surviving Coding Introductory

Surviving Coding I

Surviving Coding II

Social Media Marketing

Programmer in Office
Young Programmer
Shapes and Shades

Introduction to Programming (HTML, CSS)

Programming - Intermediate

Programming - Advanced

Introduction to Python and Data Analytics

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Career Development

Curriculum Vitae
Business Handshake
Small Business Owner

Resume Writing

Professional Development in Education

Preparing for a Job Interview

Public Speaking - Basic

Setting Up a Small Business

Public Speaking - Intermediate

Setting Up a Home-Based Business

Makeup for Work

Young Student in Library
Female Speaker

Food & Cooking

Indian Spices
Box of Cookies

Signature Dishes with Gomez Spice Kitchen

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Movement & Meditation

Meditating Together
Pole Dance Studio
Fitness at Home

Movement & Meditation

Pole Dancing

Stretches & Warm-Up Exercises

Sports & Exercises

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Kundalini Yoga Meditation
Yoga Class
Chess Game

Yoga & Meditation - Basic

Yoga & Meditation - Intermediate

Introduction to International Chess

Learning a Dance Move

Physical Exercise & Dance

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Couple Drawing Picture
Meal in One Plate
Glitter Lipsticks

Shine from the Inside Out (Skincare + Wellness + Art Therapy)

Health & Nutrition


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Happy Mother's Day
Teacher and Student
Using Braille to Read

Parenting 101

How to Develop a Curriculum & Teach Children

Childhood & Disability

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Language & Arts

Piano Keys
Watercolor Painting
Female Dancer
Paint Brushes

Piano Class

Watercolour Painting

Arts & Crafts | Watercolour Painting

Filming a Music Video
Writing with Pen
School Students
We Love KPop

Ukelele Class



Introduction to Street Dance/K-Pop


Vocal Lessons


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Academic Subjects

Math Exercises
Course Listings: Services
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