Women Unbounded

We are a Singapore-based community that empowers women and addresses issues of intersectionality.

With our global network of volunteers, we produce content, organise events and facilitate mentorships.


Our Mission

We nurture friendships and mentorships among women, create a collective consciousness of the intersectional identities that women wear, and celebrate the uniqueness of each woman’s experience, so as to support women in owning their potential.


Our Values

We seek to embed these values in all our activities


Remaining accessible to all identities, acknowledging our privilege, and taking action against injustice.


Being open-minded to different perspectives, listening without speaking for others


Considering with care why we do what we do, re-constructing empiricism to be context-relevant; critically engaging our sources and information



Intersectionality means acknowledging that identity is complex, and that individuals have several identities that make up their selves. At WU, we want to create a space where we are able to learn and un-learn about and from the lived experiences of others.


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